Paint your home

Using Your Phone

How Does it Work

Paint My Place

Simply capture or upload a photo of any aspect of your property and start painting!

With the option to unlock tens of thousands of paint, roof and fence colors from the World’s favourite brands, your property can be virtually re-decorated with products available locally and globally and all on the go, for example when you are inspecting a prospective home.

You can save, email and share your favourite color schemes with yourself, friends, interior designer, local painter or paint retailer. Your emailed color scheme includes a detailed list of the colors applied to your property.

Paint selection screen

Paint Colours

Colors includes top brands from around the world with the latest 2019 catalogues. The free App includes 25 paint brand colors. By unlocking the App, you can access over 50,000 additional paint brand colors from 32 world leading manufacturers. Future colors will automatically be available for download on your app.

The team behind Paint My Place have endeavoured to ensure screen representation of paint colors are a virtual match. When virtually repainting your property, the colors selected are set at their true color, however when selecting the paint brush tool you have the option to modify opacity, in addition to paint brush size. Changes in opacity are recommended for repainting textured surfaces, including brick,

We recommend that you apply an ‘undercoat’ to colored textured paint surfaces so the topcoat color is true.

Disclaimer: The colours presented have been produced electronically and are as accurate as possible. Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your screen. For accuracy, it is recommended to obtain a color card or sample pot to view the colour in situ. All trademarks, product names and colors are the

Paint selection screen

Paint Colours

The selection tool is designed to enable you to select colors via a variety of filters.

Once you have selected your preferred paint colors, you can utilise them to paint your property.

Easily filter by brand, color range or search directly by paint name.

Painting screen

Start Painting

To commence painting your property, select the “Magic Fill Tool” and draw a box around the wall or object you wish to fill in color. The app will automatically attempt to work out the boundaries of the object.

You can then fine tune the result by using the “Magic Add” or “Magic Remove” Tools to mark up any areas which may have been missed or incorrectly filled and give the app a more precise reading of the object.

The App features many tools to expedite your paint job, including a manual paint brush, eraser, and undo / redo.

Don’t forget you can zoom in/out and move around your property with a simple pinch using two fingers!

Painting screen
Finished painting screen

Finished painting screen

Finished Paint Your Place

Once you are satisfied with your property’s new look you can save, share and email your re-decorated property through:

  • Saving and downloading to your phone’s gallery
  • Emailing, which includes the paint colors used
  • Sharing on Facebook and Twitter – enabling your friends to provide comment on your paint job!
  • Post your before and after photos to Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more