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Tips to picking your new paint color

Is it time for a change? Painting your home, furniture or kitchen is a great way to not only refresh your home, but you! Here are our tips to help you on your journey!

#1 Selecting a color palette

Most of the leading paint manufacturers have suggested color palettes available to view on their website. However, a fabulous online tool is letschipit.com, which enables you to upload photos you love and it will automatically create a color palette.

Credit: addicted2decorating.com

Credit: addicted2decorating.com

Once you have your color palette narrowed down, create a cohesive look by following the 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60 percent primary color (ie. walls),
  • 30 percent secondary color (ie. a feature wall, furniture etc)
  • 10 percent accent color (ie. trim, skirting etc)

#2 Virtually paint your room and more

Upload a photo of your room, to the Paint My Place App, to virtually test out your selected color palette. This 4.5* virtual decorator has been featured by realestate.com.au, homefinder.com, news.com.au plus numerous other publications, app review sites and bloggers.

Either use the bucket tool for an intuitive instant paint job or utilise the paintbrush tool. Ensure you play around with the tolerance and opacity for a perfect finish.

Bucket fill3

#3 Selecting your paint base

This is a great photo that provides an easy guide to selecting a paint finish:


#4 Save money and only buy sample pots for your shortlisted colors

Rather than directly paint onto your walls, it is recommended to paint onto large sample boards or heavy duty paper, allowing you to see the color in different areas of your room, as light and shadow is different throughout your space.

Also, paint a sample board or heavy duty paper, pure white, as this contrasted against your colored sample boards will assist in clearly seeing the tone. (eg: I paint my front façade a dark ‘grey’ however once painted it had a lot of blue in it)

Leave the boards on your walls for a few days, so you can consider the paint color under different lighting and at night.

Start Painting!

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