Please find below answers to common questions we are asked

    Do I require any technical knowledge to use the app?

    No technical knowledge is required. The app provides easy application and enables you to source brand name paint colors by a range of filters.

    Who is this app designed for?

    The App is designed for anyone interested in re-repainting any property, cabinetry or furniture. A professional tool for property owners, tenants, interior designers, architects, realtors, painters and just about anyone interested in color and interior design.

    What benefits are there in ‘unlocking’ the App?

    Features Free Version Unlocked version
    Number of paint colors 15 Over 30,000 available, in addition to regular free updates of   additional paint brands and new color trends
    Number of Color Palettes 3 Hundreds
    Number of brands featured 3 37 at time of launch with free future updates of additional   paint brands and new color trends
    Number of paint colors that can be played with at one   time 1 selected paint color 4 selected paint colors
    Suggested Color Schemes Not included Included
    Paint Brush Tool Included Included
    Bucket Fill Tool Included Included
    Circle Finger Guide Included Included
    Roof and fence colors Launch products included only Included with free updates of additional products
    Exclusion Tool Included Included
    Undercoat Included Included
    Save, email and share function Not included Included
    Advertisement Free Yes Yes

    Which brands are featured on the free App?

    The free App contains one sample palette from the three brands set out below:

    Roof and fencing colors are also included.

    Which brands are featured on the ‘unlocked’ App?

    Paint brands and new seasonal releases will be regularly automatically updated. At the time of launching the App, over 30,000 colors and hundreds of recommended palettes (color schemes) are included from the brands set out below

    Disclaimer: The colours presented have been produced electronically and are as accurate as possible. Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your screen.  For accuracy, it is recommended to obtain a color card or sample pot to view the colour in situ.  All trademarks, product names and colors are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

    If I unlock the App today, how can I access future paint releases?

    The ‘unlocked’ App will be regularly updated with new brands and color releases, which will be automatically uploaded at no additional cost. Within the App there is a notification section which will include a list of all new updates.

    How will I be notified when additional brands and colors are added to the App?

    Within the Paint My Place App, the ‘Notification’ section will inform you of the latest additions. The additions are automatic in the ‘unlocked’ version and therefore you are not required to undertake any action to access them. Updates are excluded in the Paint My Place Free App.

    Do I need to be connected to the Web to use the App?

    Yes. To ensure you benefit from the latest versions and upgrades, we recommend that you use the App with digital connectivity.

    My preferred paint brand is not included on the App, how can it be added to the App?

    Any paint manufacturer can include their paint palettes at no cost. We provide this service to paint manufacturers, so small boutique operators have a platform to showcase their colors. Please notify us of your recommendations by using the contact page.

    Is the app available for Andriod?

    Not at the present moment, but it is part of our development roadmap and will be available soon.

    Can I suggest new features or provide feedback?

    Certainly, please use the form on the contact page to get in touch with us

    Do you have any tips and tricks for using the app?


    Paint My Place is easy to use and provides realistic results. To optimize your experience we recommend the following:

    Painting a light color onto an existing dark color, when there is a textured surface.

    To ensure paint color accuracy, it is recommend to apply an ‘undercoat’ with the opacity set to 60-70%. Once the paint color is selected, and the ‘paint brush’ icon is clicked, you will be presented with the option to modify opacity. It is recommended to apply opacity at 60-70% of the top coat. This will ensure color accuracy whilst retaining the definition of your surface.

    You only need one coat of paint!

    Whilst painting with a color in less than 100% opacity, attempt to complete the job without lifting your finger from your device. If you do lift your finger, an additional coat will be applied, subsequently impacting on your desired effect.

    Maximize the bucket fill tool

    This tool will amaze you – it automatically detects changes in hue and therefore will splash color onto your evenly colored surface. To optimize the bucket fill tool, it is recommended to:

    • capture your space in a well lit room
    • playing with the ‘tolerance’ function enables you to determine the area to splash with
    • use the eraser tool to clean up any paint spills

    We want you to have a great experience, so don’t be shy. Contact us for further tips and tricks using the contact page on our website.