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This week’s 21 diy and repurpose projects

Here we share some inspiration for improving your home.

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21 fab diy and repurpose projects



30 Bedroom ideas for tween and teen girls

30 girls bedrooms ideas

To virtually test real brand name paint colors on your walls and furniture prior to purchasing the paint, download the 4.5 star rated Paint My Place App for FREE.

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Quickly apply paint virtually with the Paint My Place bucket tool

With one tap you can instantly change the paint color of your home, including cabinetry and furniture. The 4.5* Paint My Place App is your on the go DIY tool. Make sure you have the App installed whilst house or furniture hunting – simply capture a photo, select a few colors, and apply the bucket tool to instantaneously re-paint surfaces, trims and much more.

The bucket tool’s tolerance and opacity can be swiftly adjusted to suit your needs. In the photos below, little tolerance has been given in the Sherwin Williams’ example to create a shabby chic look and bucket fill each individual drawer. Whereas in the other two examples, the tolerance has been set at the half way point to bucket fill the chest of drawers in on tap.Bucket fill 2

The opacity bar enables you to maintain the definition of textured surfaces, such as brick, weatherboard or roofs. By reducing opacity these features are maintained.

Here are other before and after examples of using the bucket tool:Bucket fill1Bucket fill3Bucket Fill4

So what are you waiting for? Download your free Paint My Place App today!


Make a statement by painting your front door

First impressions count! So consider increasing your home’s façade with a pop of color on your front door. Consider these front doors if they were painted in neutral colors…

Front door wow

Virtually experiment with your front door colors with the free Paint My Place App. Simply capture a photo of your home and experiment with over 30,000 brand name paint colors (15 available in the free version – update for all colors). Also, the free version is in the process of losing the in-App advertising and gaining a special tool! Please note, colors can appear two shades lighter when applied to the exterior of your home.

Using Paint My Place App

The bucket tool is so clever, that with one tap it will only paint the surface you wish to be painted (furniture, paintings, people etc will remain intact). To adjust the tool’s power play with the tolerance bar – it is so awesome!

Farrow & Ball – The Fable of the Front Door

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