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Paint Colors That Will Sell Your House Faster by guest contributor Claire Flint

Selling a house isn’t as easy as just putting a “For Sale” sign in your yard. In order to attract buyers, you need to make your property look really good to convince people to buy. You have to make sure that your yard looks nice and that the interior of your home looks elegant or cozy, depending on what kind of ambiance you’d like to convey. Sometimes, professional property sellers even put cookies in the oven so that when would-be buyers come inside a house, they’d be met with the wonderful, homey, and delicious aroma of baked goods. This is what’s known in real estate as “home staging.” One part of home staging is making sure that your home is painted with colors that will be attractive to possible buyers.

Why Is Color Important?

Color serves as the backdrop for all furniture and home accessories. It’s important to choose a color palette that’s not only attractive, but something that also expresses the atmosphere that you’d like to create. Color can also be used to create visual effects. Some shades, for instance, make a room look smaller, while others can make a small space look more spacious. There are also different paint colors or painting styles that one can use to create an optical illusion that will make the ceiling look higher, for instance.

What Colors to Use on a House for Sale

Different colors attract different kinds of people. Also, the paint colors that you should use must be acceptable or be very appealing to the locals. The reason for this is that individuals have varied tastes, and people’s preferences can be very dissimilar from each other. For example, peach and other bright exterior paint colors may be okay in Florida, but those living in, say, New York or Chicago may balk at the sight of a very colorful house.

nice house

So, what are the best colors to use if you want to sell your home quickly? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Neutrals

Maybe you’re thinking that beige or white is so boring. These are really very safe colors, but they’re not boring if you take advantage of the nice backdrop that such colors can provide. Neutrals go well with anything, and, with such tones, you could readily use furniture or home accessories with vivid hues. There are actually various shades to choose from too. Beige isn’t just beige. There’s French beige, ecru, desert sand, and others. Furthermore, mellow neutral colors are not offensive. They are quite calming and they don’t distract from the focal selling points of your home.

2. White, Beige, and Brown

Neutral colors, like white and beige, can be paired with darker brown. This color combination is a very popular option for home exteriors. Using such colors will be really nice if your house is surrounded by lush greenery, trees, or beautiful landscape.

3. Bold, Contrasting Colors

It’s a must to consider the style of your home before choosing paint color. Muted colors work really well with modern-style houses. However, if you’re selling a Victorian-era house, opt for bolder hues for the exterior. Gray-blue and rustic red can be used with white, for example. Different shades of green, from light to deep, woodsy tones, are also good choices.

4. Earth Tones

Earth tones complement wood and other natural materials. If your home is filled with wicker, rattan or bamboo furniture, opt for coffee or earth tones. These also look really good with hardwood floors.

5. Orange, Yellow and Red

Kitchens need to exude an airy and happy atmosphere, especially because this is where families gather to celebrate food and life. Choose cheery colors, like orange, yellow or red, and make sure to have a lot of natural light too.

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Claire Flint is a freelance writer who has done a lot of research about home improvement and real estate. She often tackles issues regarding interior decoration, DIY projects, and home selling, and some of her articles have been used by Hayden Homes.

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Update The Look Of Your Hallways by guest contributor Lenny Cravits

Hallways are usually forgotten when it comes to adding decorative flair to your home, but it’s difficult to understand why. Imagine what usually goes on when guests come over to your house. You all usually spend your time mostly in the living room, den, kitchen, or dining room. With guests, you rarely visit the deeper parts of your house like your bedroom or home office unless you are giving them a tour. However, one thing guests do always need is the bathroom. And what do they see when they inevitably ask you for directions to the restroom? Your hallways! So, it’s time to give those hallways a facelift to make your house more stylish overall. Here are some pointers for how to update your hallways and infuse them with your personal style.

Draw the Eye

By adding some simple touches you can make your hallway a place where guests stop and look, instead of just a place they walk through on the way to the bathroom. Put up an arrangement of family photos or your favorite pieces of wall art on the walls of your hallway as a conversation piece. You can also place some side tables in your hallway and make it the place to store all of your zaniest, weirdest knick-knacks. That will definitely give people something to look at and talk about if they walk through your hallway!

Play With Color

Your hallways don’t necessarily have to match the rest of your house, so feel free to use them as a space to experiment with a bold or off-the-wall color scheme. Paint an orange, bright green, or purple accent wall in your hallway to really make it pop. Or you can go for an avant-garde black, white, and red look in your hallway. This can be achieved a number of ways – black glossy paint on the walls and white carpet, white walls and dramatic dark hardwood, or even black patterned wallpaper and red carpet or hardwood. You’d be surprised how many colors hardwood can come in – especially exotic hardwoods. Ask your local flooring experts – like Floor Coverings International – about what bold colors they have available for hardwood flooring. Another interesting way to make your hallway pop is to paint all of the doors in your hallway instead of the walls of the hallway itself.

Make It Functional

One way to make sure that your hallway looks nice is to give is a function that you’re sure to use. Just being in the space more will motivate you to style it well. Hang up a bulletin board or use chalkboard paint to make your hallway family calendar central. You can also add a dresser or storage unit to hold winter clothes, umbrellas, and rain boots. If you’re feeling like making a more drastic change in your hallway’s appearance, you can install a reading bench in your hallway complete with wall shelving and transform your hallway into a cozy nook for reading or studying.

So, quit ignoring your hallways and update their look with these simple tips. Soon you’ll find how stylish and useful your hallways can be!

Lenny Cravits writes about home improvement, interior decorating, home renovation, & interior design. He enjoys writing about everything from classic styles to the latest trends.